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Fine art wedding photographer in Ballarat

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to get to know us a little better. We are Emma and Ebony - avid image makers, dance floor enthusiasts, romance addicts and inseparable besties. For us, collaborating on a fine art photography business is the newest adventure in a friendship that spans more than a decade. We have been in each others pockets since we first met on the rooftop of a ramshackle art deco palace in Melbourne about 15 years ago. 

We work collaboratively and our creative process is one of constant dialogue and exchange. We want to get to the bottom of what makes your relationship so unique and special. As documentarians we aim to capture our Pretty Flamingo love stories in candid detail, celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of each couple we work with. We know from experience that love can be found in the strangest and most unlikely of places, and that is what makes our job so exciting and memorable.

We want to get to know people, to meet their family and friends, and to share in the excitement of a soulmate found and honoured in marriage. We adore hearing from lovers with all kinds of stories and all kinds of ideas about love and commitment.

If you’re drawn to our images and like the sound of what we are about, please get in touch! We would love to grab a coffee (or a cheeky glass of wine), to hear your story and see if we might collaborate.

Lots of love, the girls from Pretty Flamingo.


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